The Village Grou

Grou, the heart of Friesland

The attractive picturesque village Grou is located in the city of Leeuwarden, in the centre of the green heart from the watery Province of Friesland. Grou has approximately 6500 inhabitants. Until the 1st of January 2014 the village was a part of the disbanded city of Boansterhim. If you are a tourist, a inhabitant or an entrepreneur, in Grou is a lot to discover. On this website you can find much information about the facilities in the village and what makes Grou so special.

Grou has a cosy centre with several shops, a wide range of restaurants and many sights. There is a large businessarea, two primary schools and a secondary school, a library, a modern sports hall and several sports fields. In short, a village with a lot of possibilities and potence.

Grou is surrounded by gorgeous water, the Pikmeer, the National Park De Alde Feanen and the Prinses Margriet canal. The canal makes it possible to reach towns such as Sneek, Eernewoude, Drachten en Leeuwarden by boat.

Grou isn't just excellent accessible by water. By the A32 you can easily reach Grou from Heerenveen, Drachten, Sneek and Leeuwarden. There is an ideal bus and train connection, so Grou is also easily reachable by public transport. Great to know is the fact that you can park for free in Grou and there are enough parking facilities. Looking forward to see you in Grou!

A piece of history

Grou is named after the outgrowth of the Pikmeer of the same name and used to be very isolated. The old part of the village is located on a mound. This mound is raised around the year 1000. Only in 1842 the road was paved and people were able to go to Jirnsum from the mound. The railway was build in 1868, so transport by road became possible. In those days the main thing was already water sports. There were living a lot of fishermen, shipbuilders and sail makers. Nowadays Grou is a thriving water sports village with various industry and a wide range of water sports and recreation related companies.

Oud Grou

Grou, a village with a unique character

Besides the water sports you can also visit several typical places. The beautiful Sint Piter church is one of them. The saddle roof church tower from the 12th century is standing in the middle of the centre. The former town hall which is located on the Stationsweg is a part of the list of national monuments as well. This is a design of the architect Kropholler. For additional information about the various national monuments in Grou and other points of interest in the neighborhood you can visit the Museum Hert fan Fryslân.

The Wilhelminapark

In the 19th century the Wilhelminapark was designed by Gerrit Vlaskamp, a park with many animals and beautiful ponds. The bust that you can find at the park is Dr. Eeltsje Halbertsma. Halbertsma was a well-known inhabitant from Grou, the doctor of the village and a poet and writer. He wrote among other things, the anthem of Grou, the Grouster Weagen and the Frisian anthem.

The brothers Halbertsma, Eeltsje, Joost (reverend) and Tsjalling (merchant) wrote together the famous book ''Rimen en Teltsjes'', a collection of Frisian poems and stories. They meant a lot for the Frisian language and culture history. Brother Hidde was the founder of the well-known Halbertsma industries.

Who is Sint Piter?

A real tradition of Grou is the Sint Piter feast (similar to Sinterklaas). Sint Piter was originally the patron saint of fishermen and boat masters and returns annually to Grou to give especially the children a present. On the Saturday prior to his birthday Sint Piter arrives at the Nieuwe Kade in Grou. His birthday is on the twenty-first of February, which is also the day he will be waved goodbye. Many inhabitants of Grou celebrate this day of the Sint Piter feast. During the visit the village is dedicated to Sint Piter and Swarte Pyt (Dutch: Zwarte Piet). For more information about the festivities during Sint Piter have a look on

Sint Piterkerk

Water sport

Grou is almost completely surrounded by water and because of that the ideal base for many water sports enthusiasts. Within a few minutes you will sail in the middle of nature. Not only the well-known Pikmeer, but also the beautiful panoramic look at the Wijde Ee is exceptionally beautiful.

The water sports activities in Grou are especially in the summer the point of focus, but already in the beginning of the year water sports enthusiast find their way to Grou. There are various water sports clubs for young and old, but many people know Grou because of the annual event the Skûtsjesilen. Traditionally the first game of the competition between a group of authentic skûtsjes of the Sintrale Komisje Skûtsjesilen (SKS) is in Grou. A beautiful field flat-bottomed vessels with big sails that defy the wind. A beautiful event that you have to experience once. The Skûtsjesilen is preceded by the Skûtsjewike in Grou, this means a week long festivities on and around the water. If you have been there once, you will return for it every year.

If you visit Grou by boat you can moor in one of our modern and cosy ports. The picturesque centre of Grou and the supermarkets are easy and within a walking distance. At the port next to the sailing centre (zeilcentrum), on the east side of Grou, is a swimming beach and a playground for children. For renting a boat you can go to one of our boats rental companies. Are you looking for bridge operation? Our port masters would like to inform you!