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Paad troch Grou

In Grou the route "Paad troch Grou" (Eng. Hiking route through Grou) walking. The "Paad troch Grou" is a hiking route along 21 historic buildings. On the characteristic properties Pleatslik Belang Grou placed custom ANWB-wall mounted signs. The facts of these beautiful buildings are described in the booklet "Paad Troch Grou". Highly recommended if you want to read more about these monuments. You can buy the booklet, which includes a floor plan, at the bookstore.

What does the facing brick of the slipway boss mean?

At the Hellingshaven you will find the property of former merchant and slipway boss Johannes Jurgensz. On the facing brick you will see the job of the merchant. This is one of the most beautiful facing bricks where you will come across during the "Paad Troch Grou". In the past lots of ''kofships'' had been build here.

In 1790 the building was in use as an inn "Het wapen van Grou". Hotelier trade Thomas Brouwer, Geert Sytema and Johannes Elzenga pass in review, then the property is converted into garage, taxi company and a shop.

On your way past the old Post office

Also the former post office is part of the "Paad Troch Grou". The aid station and telegraph service was in 1876 united in the building on the main street. In 1884, the status of the property increased to postal and telegraph office with as first director Mr. J.J. du Saar. In 1896 the service moved to the Halbertsmahuis to the former "Koemarkt", which now is the Halbertsma's Square. After that, the old post office was taken over by printing company Fa. Van der Spoel and co. After years the post office is back in the property where it once began. As post office it has found its place in the bookstore Bruna.

Bron: Pleatslik Belang Grou