Musea in Grou

Are you looking for a museum where you can find the most beautiful and best kept secrets of Friesland and Grou in particular? Or would you like to know more about minerals and diamonds? In Grou we can tell you everything about it.

Hert fan Fryslân

In the museum "Hert fan Fryslân" you will find exhibitions of various typically Frisian or Grouster themes such as the Halbertsma's and Sint Piter. You can take a tour in the museum or make an interesting walkingtour through the village. A combination of both is also possible. Special for the children there is a projekt "Lytse Jeet" (Eng. small Eeltsje). Children get playfully information about the poet/writer Eeltsje Halbertsma who lived in Grou.

Mineralogical museum

Between Grou and Warten (Dutch. Wartena) you will find the Mineralogical Museum. The museum is nestled amongst the trees and is surrounded by meadows. The large barn of the old farm house has been converted into a museum. In the former stable is a maze of alleys, where also the display cases are standing. In the display cases you will see the minerals with beautiful colors and shapes. Rock crystal, Amethyst, pyrite, sulfur, desert roses, you name it. Of course, there are also real gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and fluorescent minerals. A wonderful discovery for your whole family!