Facilities transient port Grou

In Grou you can choose between four beautiful ports.. You can dock at the Pikmeer, the Hellingshaven, the Nieuwe kade or the Sûderkade. In each port, there is excellent sanitation and water and electricity facilities are great too. You can find the public sanitation in the village at the Meersweg next to the Theehuis, in the centre under the bandstand (on the Halbertsma's square) and in the basement of the floating Sailing Centre on the Wilhelminastraat. It doesn't matter which port you choose, they are all on a walking distends to the cosy centre of Grou.

For free online via Hotspots!

In the Pikmeer port, the Hellingsport and the Nieuwe Kade you can use free internet services via hotspots. If your phone or laptop has Wifi, then choose the Boansterhim Hotspot or Zelfcare.nl. Then you start your internet browser by clicking on the button on the login page.

If you have any questions about the internet facilities, then you can go to the harbour master.

For an overnight stay in the ports you have to pay. The harbour master is present in the port office every day and at the end of the afternoon or the beginning of the morning he comes to you. You can also contact the harbour master via 06-53151298 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Besides that, you can follow many activities of the harbour master via twitter @havengrou.

More information about the ports in Grou you can find on www.havengrou.nl.

Zeilcentrum Grou

Unique in Grou is the floating Zeilcentrum Grou. A sailing accommodation for a wide water sports audience with a beautiful port supply. The Zeilcentrum is used during the sailing competitions of, among others, the KWV Frisia and acts as a base for youth sail training. It is also being used as a course centre, so that one also the theory of sailing can get the hang of it.

The water sports initiative of KWV Frisia ' everything is possible, also has its shelter in the Zeilcentrum. This also allows people with disabilities learn to sail. A nice initiative! The Zeilcentrum is wheelchair accessible and has the facilities to adapted sailing. The sanitation of the sailing Center are free of charge for water sports enthusiasts and visitors to the recreational beach the Blikpôle.

Marrekrite mooring places

Are you already aware of the free berths of the Marrekrite? And do you prefer a quiet cove surrounded by nature? Then consider about one of the beautiful places of the Marrekrite organization. The Marrekrite provides for the management and maintenance of free mooring places in the nature and development of new mooring facilities. They also provide uniform bridge and lock control and for the waste and the removal of the recreation deck. At present there are in Friesland such a 3500 free moorings on 285 locations. Ofcourse there are a few rules where you have to stick to. This can be found on www.marrekrite.nl. You can use up to 3 days the same location.

Pennons of the Marrekrite

To realize new piers and maintain the existing facilities knows the Marrekrite a group of donors. Ofcourse also spontaneous gifts are welcome. You too can contribute to the maintenance of free moorings in the Frisian nature. The Marrekrite publishes a pennant every year. By purchasing this pennant you already help the Marrekrite. The pennant is for sale at most water sports associations, tourist offices, various water sports companies, boats rentals and marinas. In various places in Friesland you will meet the friends of the Marrekrite. They also go along the marinas to sell the pennants.

Save on the water

What can you do if there occurs a personal accident on the water at a Marrekrite instance place in nature? Also then please call 112. For your safety, the Marrekrite made agreements with the police via the General alarm number. The numbers of all Marrekrite facilities are known to the 112 Central. If you are in need you give via 112 simply the unique number of the Marrekrite mooring place through.

With this simple system you can always be found by the emergency services of the province of Fryslân. For more information about the Marrekrite organization, have a look on www.marrekrite.nl.